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Nail Design

Beautiful, healthy finger nails..
.. Belong to the ideal picture of every woman.

They express femininity and underline the your personality.
The majority of men and women first focus on a person's hands and judge the person accordingly.

Nail design with powder / liquid (acrylic) or UV-Gel

Complete modeling natural nail strengthening without French
with French in color, with glitter or glitter line
43,00 Euro
53,00 Euro
Complete modeling nail extension with tip or template
with French in color, glitter or Glitter Line
55,00 Euro
60,00 Euro
Natural nail extension with French Tip65,00 Euro
Padding (up to 4 weeks) without French
with French in color or glitter
40,00 Euro
45,00 Euro
Nail extension surcharge3,00 Euro
Replace (acrylic nail)15,00 Euro
Replace (gel nails)17,00 Euro
Refresh after each effort25,00 Euro
Classic manicure (Incl. varnishing or polishing, exfoliation and hand massage)20,00 Euro
Natural nail care (filing into shape, seal)12,00 Euro
Manicure Basic22,00 Euro
Manicure Premium34,99 Euro
Pedicure Basic28,00 Euro
Pedicure Premium39,99 Euro