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Our Natural Ayurvedic products are a symbol of everlasting Beauty. They are made from the mixture of Ayurvedic herbs,which are grown from Indian medicinal plants using organic solvent Our products are suitable for all skin types and therefor allow every one to gain everlasting Beautyand achieve bright results.
We have a line of products for treatment of skin, hair and Body.

Gold collection

This serie remove toxins from skin which are present in the form of pigmentation. It is also good for blood circulation and reversal of the oxidation damage because gold metal work as Anti oxidant .

Diamond collection

This Serie is good for Anti-Aging. The Diamond allows Exfoliation and smooth dermabration, Which helps in removing Fine lines and Wrinkles. It also awakens the cell regeneration.and boost skin metabolism.

Green collection

In the Ayurvedic green collection Series, Fruits and vegetable Juices are used with other Antiseptic herbs.These are full of minerals which are absorbed by skin quickly This series is effective for Acne prone skin and it also make the skin radiant.